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Interactive darts &
Table Football

IT's game time baby. Pick your poision!

Looking to add a competitive edge to your evening? Check out our brand-new interactive darts, or hire one of our foosball tables!
Go head to head with your mates, or team up and share the glory. Book darts or table football using the links below!

Take sole control of the team, or double up with a mate to take on the opposition. Just one rule though – no spinning! Our championship quality tables are available for 30 or 60-minute sessions so there’s plenty of time for redemption, or to claim victory and the coveted title of MVP!

Table Football

Grab your mates and test your skills whether that’s a classic 501, round the world or a game of ‘killer’. Can you be number 1? We'd recommend eight players maximum, but more can join if you're happy to team up and share the glory! The fewer players, the more darts you'll get to throw!

Interactive Darts

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